Generation of virtual cards
via a SaaS interface

Generate virtual cards for you or your customers from
an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform.

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Generate virtual cards from our platform
for your purchases and your employees

Our virtual cards can be generated and issued to an employee instantly.
They secure online purchases and are compatible with Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay with your smartphone
in local shops. We offer four types of virtual cards.

Any use


Classic virtual cards have the same functionality as our physical Visa Corporate cards. They are perfect for everyday purchases and expenses, and can easily be given to a user.


For single use

Generate a virtual card dedicated to a specific expense, for a single payment, directly from a secure area. This allows you to precisely control the amount and the supplier of this expense, and thus limit the risk of fraud.



This capped virtual card allows you to specify payment limits per day, per week, per month, or limits on certain categories of spending (restaurant, hotel, etc.). It is also possible to specify the maximum amount of an expense or the number of authorised transactions (per day, per week, per month).



Virtual cards can be dedicated to recurring operations such as online payment of subscriptions. The user defines the amount, the frequency of payments and the end date. The card can be cancelled at any time.

Mobile payment

Use your smartphone to pay for your business expenses in local shops. Even virtual cards can be registered with Apple Pay or Google Pay!

Virtual cards (SaaS)

Virtual cards that can be configured
in real time with more than 60 features

Set ceilings

Set payment and withdrawal limits for each card in real time, per day, per week, per month or per year.

Authorized expenses

Configure the types of expenses allowed (hotels, restaurants, services...). Keep control of all transactions.

Filter merchants

Allow or refuse payments at certain merchants. This is the perfect setting for online shopping.

Number of transactions

Specify the number of transactions authorized per day, per week, per month ... A real guarantee of security.

Maximum amount per expense

Possibility to enter the maximum amount authorized for a single purchase. An additional option for setting the limits.

Real time

All operations are retrieved and updated in real time, with all the necessary information.

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