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Benefit from the features of the world's most innovative payment card.

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Create your own company payment cards
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Use fully configurable payment cards.
Physical or virtual, they will meet the expectations of your employees and your management.

Your payment cards,
in your colours,
with our technology.

Cards that can be configured in real time

Real-time configurable Visa Corporate cards with over 60 features

Set ceilings

Set the payment and withdrawal limits for each card in real time, per day, per week, per month and per year.

Block withdrawals

In order to avoid cash withdrawals from ATMs and all the constraints associated therewith, it is possible to block withdrawals.

Required proof

Without proof attached to the transaction, the card is automatically locked for the next expense.

Card limitation

Limit the use of each card to certain days or time slots. For example, block purchases on weekends or between 10pm and 6am.

Authorized expenses

Set up the types of expenses allowed (hotels, restaurants, taxis, etc.). Keep control on your employee expenses.

Filter merchants

Allow or refuse payments at certain merchants. This is the perfect setting for online shopping.

Maximum amount per expense

Possibility to enter the maximum amount authorized for a single purchase. An additional option for setting the limits.

Number of transactions

Specify the number of transactions allowed per day, per week, per month... A real guarantee of security.

Allocation and assignment

Each expense can be attributed to an employee and assigned to an analytical code or to a project code.

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