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SaGa Corp develops unique technology for financial players and their customers.

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100% online
bank account

Fully available on web and mobile, for your professional or private customers.

Offer innovative
banking services

Simplified accounting, file recognition, instant salary payment ...

payment systems

Configurable physical and virtual Visa Corporate cards, compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Rapid integration
fast and appropriate

Our solution can be interfaced with any existing platform or Core Banking system.

Our added value

A unique
banking technology

Based on its successful experience in France with the online bank, SaGa Corp offers turnkey banking solutions that interface easily with your information systems.

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API integration

With our API, you can benefit from a flexible solution that can be adapted to any need.

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    "id": "cf80db3c-d3d2-4535-9d41-aca165c4f8e4"
    "label": "Test Account",
    "balance": "363783.67",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "company_name": "Test company",
    "validation_details": {
      "beneficiary": "simple",
      "transfer": "none"
    "owner": {
      "gender_label": "Mr",
      "first_name": "Jean",
      "last_name": "Dupond"
    "rib": {
      "iban": "FR76441490000119900A2K7DJ10",
      "bic": "SAGAFRPP",
      "bank": "12345",
      "branch": "00001",
      "number": "19900A2K7DJ",
      "checksum": "10",
      "establishment": "Wormser Frères Haussmann",
      "pdf_url": "",