Generation of virtual
cards by API

Automatically generate virtual cards from
your information systems with our API.

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Virtual cards connected by
API to your information systems

SaGa Corp provides APIs that allow you to generate virtual cards automatically and unlimited, directly from your information systems. The implementation takes only
a few hours hours with the help of our technical team.


Instantly generate Visa Corporate virtual cards for each supplier.

Unlimited creation
of virtual cards

You can generate as many virtual cards as you need, without any limit.


Depending on the amount you spend, you will receive a part of the interchange.

Secure use
according to needs

Limiting purchases to a list of specific merchants is an effective way to secure your payments.

Track your transactions

Spending control

Keep precise control over your suppliers' payments by setting limits per day, per week, per month, or limits on specific expense categories (restaurant, hotel, etc.).


Limit the number of
of transactions

In addition to the payment limits, it is possible to specify the maximum amount of a payment or the number of transactions allowed per day, per week or per month.

Real time

Recovery of

Our virtual cards are instant debit and all transactions are retrieved and updated in real time.


Accounting integration

For each transaction, it is possible to add project codes, analytical codes or expense categories to facilitate accounting integration.

API integration

With our API, you can benefit from a flexible solution that can be adapted to any need.

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    "id": "cf80db3c-d3d2-4535-9d41-aca165c4f8e4"
    "label": "Test Account",
    "balance": "363783.67",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "company_name": "Test company",
    "validation_details": {
      "beneficiary": "simple",
      "transfer": "none"
    "owner": {
      "gender_label": "Mr",
      "first_name": "Jean",
      "last_name": "Dupond"
    "rib": {
      "iban": "FR76441490000119900A2K7DJ10",
      "bic": "SAGAFRPP",
      "bank": "12345",
      "branch": "00001",
      "number": "19900A2K7DJ",
      "checksum": "10",
      "establishment": "Wormser Frères Haussmann",
      "pdf_url": "",

Virtual cards (API)

Real-time virtual card generation

Set ceilings

Set payment and withdrawal limits for each card in real time, per day, per week, per month or per year.

Authorized expenses

Configure the types of expenses allowed (hotels, restaurants, services...). Keep control of all transactions.

Filter merchants

Allow or refuse payments at certain merchants. This is the perfect setting for online shopping.

Number of transactions

Specify the number of transactions authorized per day, per week, per month ... A real guarantee of security.

Maximum amount per expense

Possibility to enter the maximum amount authorized for a single purchase. An additional option for setting the limits.

Real time

All operations are retrieved and updated in real time, with all the necessary information.

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virtual card solution (API)

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