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The founders

Adrien Touati

Engineer by training, graduated from EFREI Paris in 2009 and from Sciences Po in 2015. Passionate about new technologies and the principle of simplixification: making complex things very simple for all users.

"We are living in extraordinary times when every idea can be realised, SaGa Corp is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to create brilliant projects in the world of finance."

Guillaume Landry

After a Graphic Arts preparatory course and a Web Designer course, Guillaume joined the product design department of a large food group, then joined Adrien Touati for new adventures that will lead him to create and invent user interfaces for a multitude of innovative projects.

"Passion, attention to detail, and the need to provide each user with a smooth and efficient experience, are for me the essential rules of my job."

Aurélien Chrétien

Engineer by training, he graduated from EFREI Paris in 2009 and from SKEMA Business School in 2010. Aurélien specialises in technical subjects in the world of finance.

"Proud to be part of the digital transformation of the banking industry and the growing evolution of tomorrow's financial services. Our goal is to constantly innovate to anticipate our customers' future needs."

Séraphin Huguenot

Computer engineer, graduated from SUPINFO in 2015. Séraphin specialises in mobile development with a daily focus on detail and user experience.

"Proactivity and listening are the key words to enable the design of innovative products that meet concrete needs. Especially in mobility, where we have to provide all the keys to our users."

Our shareholders

Alain Krzentowski

Laurent Dassault

Marc Wormser

Alexandre Berda

Mathias Monribot

Rémi Gaston-Dreyfus

And many others!